A Word on Beauty

Beauty is part of the formula for famous women pop singers.
As for the men, geek chick is definitely still around. There are a wide variety of looks and ages acceptable for male musicians, though there are no Latino or Asian stars included. In a song not included in this study Akon sings about the influence his hair had on his rise to fame (I Am Not my Hair with India):

See I can kinda recall

Little ways back small tryin' to bawl

Always been black and my hair I tried it all

I even went flat, had a gumdee curly top and all the crap, now

Tryin' to be appreciated

Nappy headed brothers never had no ladies

Then I hit by the barber shop real quick

Had em give me little twist and it drove them crazy

And then I couldn't get no job

No corporate wouldn't hire no dreadlocks

Then I thought about my dogs on the block

Kinda understand why they chose a stealin' rock

Was it the hair that got me this far? (uh-huh)

All these girls these cribs these cars (uh-huh)

Hate to say it but it seem so flawed

Cause success didn't come 'till i cut it all off (uh-huh)

-Akon in I am Not My Hair by Indira

Sean Kingston shares his vulnerability by singing about his weight in a serious way rather than making it a joke. He asks his lover to see what is on the inside not judge the outside.

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