These are songs of passion, strength and energy. Raw anger and emotion that stand and fight instead of giving in.

For some reason, I the songs I placed in this theme are mostly by women once again. Perhaps that is because women’s strength stands out so much more in a sexist society. There is a real difference between the “strong” songs and the sense of self category. I think the reasons that set these apart are a matter of attitude and energy. Aggression, not just assertiveness. And it is odd that in this category, Taylor Swift shines through despite her “nice girl” branding. Her songs Should Have Said No and Tell Me Why simply kick butt.

Pink is a singer that is trying to re-define the female rocker with a modern twist, including her sarcastic name. So What? is unlike any other song I’ve heard and I’m sold on it. It is the kind of song where you remember where you were the first time you heard it, “I’m gonna get in trouble, I’m gonna start a fight!”

The Black Eyed Peas are an incredibly influential group. They are unique in the obviously multi-racial composition of the band, which includes members of Filipino, Mexican, Native American, Scotch-Irish, and African American descent. Fergie has been and continues to be one of the lead singers, while continuing her solo career at the same time. Some of their hits have been politically progressive in nature, and all are provocative.

In Pump it, and Boom Boom Pow, the Black Eyed Peas emulate pure strength. I would go so far as to say the lyrics are almost nonsensical, but the power is palatable. Pump it Harder images show two group of people in a parking garage about to have what looks like a stereotypical gang fight. The energy continues to be that of warriors fighting, but the actions of the fight are dance and later kicking balls around.

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