Most of these videos surprised me. Often they showed songs that were really disturbing in a new light, giving the opposite meaning. I wonder if kids "get it" and if the sarcasm is meant to be there by the songwriter or added by the video director?

Several of the songs are delightfully and obviously taunting and sarcastic. Avril Lavigne wrote one hard not to sing along to:

Hey HEY you YOU I don’t like your girlfriend!

Hey HEY you YOU I think you need a new one!

... which is really fun as a sing-along until you get to “I’m the motherfucking princess!” and then things get awkward.

Other clever ones are Take A Bow Rihanna, 7 Things Miley Cyrus, U r So Gay (and you don’t even like boys) Katy Perry and also Katy’s Hot N Cold, a song made more hilarious by the fact that the whole thing takes place in the second before a couple’s wedding vows, “you change your mind like a girl changes clothes!”

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