The Process

1. find songs through radio play, top ten lists on i-tunes, and recommendations from the kids

2. listen carefully to get a first impression

3. find the video on YouTube and put the songs in playlist categories on my YouTube channel Mennofolksonggirl.

4. download and analyze the lyrics apart from the images

5. put the images, lyrics and music together again and start writing my thoughts as I gave the song one more look and listen

One hundred and twenty songs are included in this informal study, though more have been added to my YouTube channel as I find new ones to save. I eliminated all musical theatre songs (also wickedly popular) and songs from TV shows from this study. Most of the music was on the charts in 2009, though I have included a few older hits from 2007-8. There are many aspects to this music project that could be enhanced by someone with a better understanding of race and class in America. I am not a trained cultural critic or sociologist. My primary analytical background is feminism, and since I have daughters, I am naturally looking for the relationship between women and Pop.

I will describe the songs first by musical qualities, and then by categories, the themes I identified with first impressions.

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