A Material World

The songs on this list come from a worldly perspective that worships money and society's idea of high living. Some of these songs twist the concept of love into a wealth fetish. Others are about interacting with life on a material level. Out of the 120 songs I explored, 32 had references to money. An interesting second was fame, with 18 references, many linked directly with financial success.

In When I Grow Up and Beautiful Dirty Rich The Pussycat Dolls and Lady Gaga unabashedly claim money/ fame as the highest value in life. Other songs in this category question wealth and fame even as they idealize it, such as Fergie’s Glamorous (a word so similar to amorous, the other Fergie theme). Glamorous starts with a repeated chant: "If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home!"

In the addictive song Low, Flo Rida describes a variety of name brand items such as Reeboks and Apple Bottom jeans. Songs throughout this project used brand names to conjure up a specific atmosphere or idea.

Cold Play and Beyonce use money to symbolize other things such as power and love in Viva la Vida and Ring The Alarm, a fascinating song about a possible divorce where a woman is so angry with her spouse her weapons are “the house off the coast, the VVS stones, and the ‘bach or the Roles.”

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