Images That Change Things

It’s really cool how the video images of a song can enhance or even change its meaning. Soulja Boy recorded a song called Kiss Me Through the Phone that could have had a XXX following, but instead showed images of people from all walks of life talking on the phone to loved ones.

What surprised me was the sheer number of songs in the “Sweet and Innocent” category. Including songs that I placed in other categories, I’d estimate that out of 120 songs, half are unquestionably appropriate for everybody. This seems really high to me compared to the 80s MTV scene and most of post-Beatles Pop music history.

Sometimes I like to read the comments under a video on YouTube. One stood out:

You shouldn't be offended by the fact that we comment about personal things have feelings and have felt something tragic it just means were human and have the capability to admit that. Rascal Flatts speaks of personal experience that’s why it reflects on us so much and causes me to confess about abuse, loss, hurt, or even want. I think being idiotic enough to say we care means we are the ones who make a difference.

-comment under What Hurts the Most

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