How Has Music Changed?

There are certainly songs on the radio that could not have been played in the 80s. I Kissed a Girl just could not have been mainstream, no matter how lighthearted it is. Birthday Sex, which is real, vulnerable erotica would have been Xed out of MTV. When in the 80s did a man sing about a woman’s orgasm?

lemme hit the g-spot, g-spot, Girl...

we grinding with passion (‘cause it’s your birthday)

Been at it for hours (I know you thirsty)

You kiss me so sweetly (taste just like Hersheys)

Just tell me how you want your gift, Girl...

First I’m gonna take a dive into the water

Deep until I know I please that body, body

Or in the beautiful song Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson

I miss the pull of your heart

I can taste the sparks on your tongue

I see angels and devils

And God

when you come

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