Great for Adults

Often juicy, these songs are artful and meaningful but beyond a child's reality. It was a startling realization to me that some of pop music really is aimed at reflecting adult relationships and adult situations. .. music written for adults to listen to! Many of the adults I know stopped listening to Pop radio stations after we had kids. By then the songs that defined us as teenagers were “Classic Rock.”

These songs are often set within a marriage or a long-term partnership: Rihanna’s Unfaithful, If I Were a Boy by Beyonce, and Right Now by Akon (*lyrics changed on youtube from "I want to make love right now na na na na.) I love the way Akon longs to nurture his lover with food “I just wish you could dine with me,” her freedom, “I want you to fly with me,” and everyday life, “I miss how you lie with me.”

One of my favorite songs I encountered on this project was T-shirt by Shontelle. The song describes a woman whose partner is away who doesn’t want to get dressed or go out without him. She just wants to stay home cuddling with nothing but his T-shirt on to enjoy the smell and memory of him.

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