These songs cross the line beyond explicit to a level of degradation of women and relationships in general.

The female band Pussycat Dolls epitomize this exploitation of women. And the thing that makes them most despicable is that the shtick of them is disguised as being independent, and dares to show images of archetypical ties to nature and to each other (women’s friendship) only to degrade it all as a hoax for men’s pleasure and power high. Their name says it all. Objectified, and existing only for their pussies, this girl-band can do no right from a feminist viewpoint. They are not women, they are dolls representing a powerless image of women that does not exist, but only exploits.

Rihanna joins the objectification trend in her video Umbrella, a happy song at first listen, but one that turns wrong once the images of a woman painted silver, literally an object, sully it. Rihanna, scantily clothed, does a phallic dance with a closed umbrella in the rain, as a group of men in suits dance with their own umbrellas. The images are incongruous with the positive lyrics:

When the sun shines we’ll shine together, told you I’ll be here forever, said I’ll always be your friend took an oath I’d stick it out to the end

Now that it’s raining more than ever know that we still have each other you can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh

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