The Energy

This is that mysterious thing called the Spirit of Rock and Roll, the thing that happens to pick you off your feet and fling you into the sky. The voice doesn’t matter, the song doesn’t even matter, but the spirit is everything. Energy can rise and fall affected by other aspects, such as the surprising melody change in Here we Go Again by Demi Lavato or the emotional intensity of Avril Lavigne’s voice in When You’re Gone, the lyrics of Pink’s Sober or the story line of Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood. A song doesn’t have to be fast to have incredible energy. Love Story always gives me chills after a certain pause of suspense at the end of the song. Wake Up Call’s beat provides an intense energy that turbo charges the emotional content of the song. And the winner of the “Energy Award” of Wendy’s project goes to Love Addict by Family Force 5, where the singer screaming into the mic makes me feel like banging my head in the air. Fast or slow, and no matter what effective technique is used, the spirit and energy of a song is mysterious and elusive.

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