Cry for Help

The people in this song are dealing with struggles of loneliness, addiction, self esteem. The cry for help is between the lines, a request from the listener to respond to the pain... or identify with it.

All American Rejects tend to portray hopeless or cynical situations that I interpret as a call for help. It Ends Tonight has a fairly upbeat visual finish, but the words are disdainful, “I’m on my own side, it’s better than being on your side,” and it begins with the singer being executed with a firework. In Move Along there is a feeling of being stuck in a rut “just to make it through” as the band is shown wearing many different societal uniforms, insinuating that all of us are stuck moving along without control over improving our lives.

Poor Avril Lavigne has been forgotten and is willing to adopt anyone who will have her in I’m With You, and The Veronicas have a similar desperation in Untouched. Sean Kingston is “suicidal” in Beautiful Girls, and he even manages to put the blame on them, ”you’ve got me suicidal, suicidal.” Finally, Pink’s call for help is anything but subtle in Sober as she describes alcoholism, “I have heard myself cry ‘never again’ broken down in agony just trying to find a friend.”

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