Country Woman Taylor Swift

I think that what this image is referring to is the strong country woman archetype that Country music maintained long before it became an acceptable feminist value. In the 1980s I quit listening to pop radio altogether because it was so rare to hear a woman’s voice there. When I heard the country station they were playing songs about, by and for women, and that was what I needed to hear at the time. Not quite a decade later when country music started to make big money, the men’s voices quickly took over the airwaves in that genre as well.

A little girl (and yes, she is both little and young) named Taylor Swift carries on the strong country woman tradition in American pop today. And she does it singing Country. In my youth I could never have imagined that Country, Folk and Pop/Rock could share a single radio station like it does today. And this year, Taylor Swift won the MTV best music video award. Amazing. Not only does Taylor write her own songs, play her own guitar and sing in a natural, un-electronically enhanced voice, but she is really, really good at all three. Taylor Swift deserves an entire paper based on her alone, but let me start by simply saying that Taylor Swift dominates and even defines my Sense of Self category. She has many songs that fit this description and every song she writes includes some aspect of a young woman finding a honest, soulful voice of her own. Taylor’s extreme popularity and the response from fans to her music show that a few folks out there are listening.

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