The Compelling Story

Every song tells a story. Some are very personal, and some more detached. The quality I’m talking about here is the detached technique of telling a story about someone else through a song. Stories draw us in and make us emotionally involved. Many of the songs I listened to had videos that developed the story way beyond the lyrics. At this point the audio and visual can’t be separated; kids listen to the music on YouTube, and they watch the videos on their ipods. Who would have known that What Hurts the Most (Rascal Flatts) is about a pregnant teenager whose lover is killed? Watching Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy is almost like seeing a feature length film where you are never sure which partner of the couple is really in the situation and which is a fantasy. Wake Up Call, So What and Jesus Take the Wheel (mentioned above) all tell classic stories with an unusual twist.

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